Employment Law

Kulkarni Law provides advice and counsel regarding employment law matters to California employers. Our goal is to provide employers with relevant and up-to-date employment law advice, thus enabling them to make informed decisions and implement policies tailored to each individual employer and their workforce.

In addition to providing day-to-day counseling on matters such as discipline, termination, and employment law interpretation, Kulkarni Law utilizes a proactive approach to developing, and assisting with implementation of, sound human resources policies that are compliant with the ever-changing employment laws.

Employers also benefit from services such as employee handbooks, employment forms, employment contracts, performance evaluations, job descriptions, and confidentiality and severance agreements, as well as policies and procedures regarding leave, meal periods and rest breaks, wage and hour compliance, etc., all tailored to your business.

In addition, Kulkarni Law provides employer representatives with coaching and counseling on how to handle employment matters. We also provide train-the-trainer on topics such as employee handbook training, compliance training, sexual harassment prevention training, supervisor training, etc. We can also create and provide training on topics that are customized to your business.

Kulkarni Law will also conduct workplace investigations of employee complaints about harassment, discrimination, retaliation or any other workplace related matter. As a third party, our investigations provide a neutral approach and the employer is provided with a written report on the outcome of the investigation.

To ensure compliance, Kulkarni Law will conduct workplace audits concerning wage and hour laws, personnel file maintenance, I-9 maintenance, records retention, and payroll practices. We also assist employers in determining if their employees are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt, or as independent contractors or employees. If we determine that an employee is misclassified, we provide recommendations about how to correct the mis-classification.

We understand that each employer has unique needs. Kulkarni Law can customize our services accordingly. For your specific needs, please contact us.