Without proper planning, in some cases when a person dies, the person’s estate will be subject to a court process known as “probate”, a court process for transferring property from a deceased person to living persons. Typically, probate involves petitioning the court for permission to exercise control over your assets and ultimately distributing those assets to your beneficiaries.

Probate is a long, public, expensive process. By way of example, if an individual dies holding real property appraised at $350,000 that requires probate, executor and attorney fees, alone, will be in excess of $20,000. There are also thousands of dollars in other fees and costs associated with a probate proceeding.

Should you need to probate a person’s estate, attorney Kulkarni and her staff, who have many years of probate experience, are prepared and well able to guide the executor through the entire court process, from the initial preparation and filing of the court documents needed to open the probate to the final distribution of the assets in the estate.